Welcome to my website!

I’d like to consider myself a “Jackness of All Trades” – at least this is what the stars and cards read.

First and foremost- I give praise to The Holy Spirit and our Heavenly Parents.

There was a point in my life where I wasn’t a “Healer of Healers.”

We all have a story to tell and mine started off a bit rocky, but here I am now doing the work… raising consciousness and carrying a living prayer for peace on earth.

I’m a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Collective Consciousness Advocate, EarthDNA Nature Artist, Soul Servicer,
Sacred Songstress, Social Dance Teacher, Mind Control Expert, Deprogrammer, Researcher, Writer, and
Sophianic Medicine Woman. I’ve dedicated myself to empowering others on their healing
journey through integrating insightful Wisdom and sharing sacred Knowledge in hopes to assist in broadening perception on human behavior. I absolutely delight in helping people in finding out who they are and why they are here on this Earth using multiple modalities.

Throughout my life, my intuitive ability to network and build long-term personal and professional
relationships has opened doors in numerous types of atmospheres and organizations that involve
raising awareness for collective consciousness, peace, and harmony.

I graduated with Honors from Hypnosis Motivation Institute-College Of Hypnotherapy in Tarzana Ca. -from there I hold
certificates in Past-Life Regression, Handwriting Analysis, and Emotional Freedom Technique,
and formed friendships of a lifetime. I’ve taken much interest and studies in world religions, esotericism, metaphysics, The Great Mysteries and energy healing modalities that focus on mending the gap between illnesses and the mind & body
connection. I truly believe in the power of the mind and we each hold a grand piece of the puzzle inside of us.

I have been involved in the spiritual community for such a long time and collected the most beautiful lessons and modalities to help through the roughest of times. I’m also a certified Red Tent Facilitator having been trained in the women’s mysteries.
I offer a unique and open minded perspective on manticism and spiritual teachings and
have been on a journey of researching “hidden truths” of religious texts, Christ Consciousness, positive aspects of the divine Feminine, Sophia, Gnosticism, Tree of Life,
Universal Laws of the Universe, Human Design, Numerology, Astrotheology, Astrobiology, and the power of
Words. I can go on and on about the incredible learnings but what I truly love is open authentic connecting and getting to talk in person. I do read oracle cards with pure intentions because I know the importance of using such tools with discernment and care. Many people have been taught that oracle cards are not good and I can see the concern. I’m always open to discussing any topics to better understand where someone is coming from, allow room for growth and find out in what other ways I can be of service. My goal is to communicate sacredness.

In the not so far past, I was in a band with a group of female Vocalists, fellow Hypnotherapists, Sound Healers, and sacred circle facilitators called “Shamanitas.” Together and apart- we are carriers and keepers of sacred medicine songs that are sung for a specific purpose to heal and soothe the soul using ancient sound healing technology. My true passion is in delivering conscious and angelic frequencies with heart-filled messages and using my voice to heal, uplift and soothe the soul from suffering. I will always carry the vibration and vows and ways of a Shamanita and continue to create sacred song workshops, soundbaths, meditations & other related events.

I’ve been featured on podcasts, shows and have been interviewed for insight and spiritual education. I currently have a Youtube channel that emphasizes the spiritual Inner-Views of influential and inspirational people. Want to come on? Reach out alannasstarr@gmail.com.

I also teach social dance (mainly salsa, bachata) as a healing modality coining the term “Dancenosis”
because dancing is a form of therapy and similar to hypnosis while in a focused state of
awareness. Dancenosis is unique trance like state in which the conscious and the subconscious
mind meets, creating possibilities for changing behavior patterns on and off the dance floor,
self-exploration, and healing the physical body and emotional body.

Lastly, I love nature and working with plants & flowers. I create dried flower wreaths and holiday ornaments. <3

If you have read this far then thank you, and I look forward to connecting or being service.

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Alanna Starr

Omnia Vincit Amor