DANCENOSIS is the brilliant outcome of years of passionate social dancing, Hypnotherapy training, and energy healing all combined into one amazing concept. 

As a Hypnotherapist/Behavior Modification Therapist and an Intuitive Healer of sorts, I have combined my therapy practice with my love of salsa/bachata/Zouk.

The goal is to help people who have got the talent and passion to reach a level “connectedness” with dance partners through dance therapy while receiving authentic and constructive feedback.

Dancenosis is not technically designed for instruction, however; there are aspects of this program that can be taken instructional.  I encourage everyone to take classes for the experience and technique that can be acquired from each teacher. Please reach out if you would like a referral for dance instructors.

Dancenosis was originally created as a tool for intermediate-professional dancers to expand on their talents and build their confidence to shine brighter on the dance floor. Over time I realized that social dancing is such an incredible gift that I want it to be one to everyone to consider.

During sessions I utilize skills, such as; NLP, guided imagery, intuition, body language reading, and other tactics known famously in the Hypnotherapy and energy healing world. These teachings will benefit you on the dance floor tremendously and it will be fun at the same time getting to practice moves with someone who experienced.

Sessions will include my download on social dance etiquette, do’s & don’ts, must try’s, and actual practice time with an experienced social dancer. As a client you will learn to lead with a better understanding on how to express the soul-self, communicating and connecting, grounding, and staying present in the moment through dance therapy. We will also explore the power of the subconscious mind, and remove ego limitations. Think of these sessions as “renting a intuitively conscious and experienced dancer,” you may even find this healing. This is also available in group settings for performance team confidence boosting.

DANCENOSIS is for dancers who want to take their social dancing to the next level spiritually, mentally, and energetically. Over the course of time we will move powerfully out of the ego driven scene and into authentic connecting.

 Let’s CREATE more CONSCIOUS DANCERS together!

**do your hands shake when you dance? Email me to find out how we can change that.**