Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be so completely relaxed in a safe, lovingly environment? All that hypnosis is, is a focused state of awareness. During this relaxed time, I am able to have access to your subconscious mind to help you “reprogram” old belief systems, limiting beliefs, and create new pathways for endless possibilities. We as humans are programmable. Let me say this another way- Your mid is extremely powerful! Since childhood, we have been given our behavior patterns and ways of being… In a session with me when can get to the roots of behaviors that you may want to change and create new working programs for success. Hypnosis is good for so many things, such as; confidence, forgiveness, weight loss, procrastination, motivation, and so much more! My personal favorite is helping people become closer to Source and working in the realm of Spirit. Have you ever craved something all of a sudden… Hmm I wonder where it came from- a commercial perhaps? You think you can’t be hypnotized but you just learn differently… Some people learn inferentially and some learn literally. Do you believe advertisers don’t know this or have figured out how to market to those people who learn this …way? Have you ever been driving and missed your exit because you “zoned out”….? Have you ever stared into your lovers eyes and felt completely immersed in their beingness and noticed that you forgot the whole world is around you? = Mesmerized much? Yep.. That’s all a “focused state of awareness” = HYPNOSIS. Who is in charge of your mind? Are you sure it’s YOUR true inner & Higher Self making your decisions? Or is the media, childhood programming, and outside circumstances deciding for you…. Are your feelings always yours? I’m just bringing awareness to you that you have a LIFE SCRIPT- have you evaluated your life script lately? Is it limited or open? You can do so much more than you may know… Little things we want to do but don’t allow ourselves to do… Things we do that we want to stop… We are living in a limitless Universe. Our mind only needs to be expanded and possibly cleared of past programs. An authentic Hypnotist’s passion is helping people take their power back, not to take it from you.

Hypnotherapy – $125 per session

or $300 for 3 sessions