I would absolutely recommend sessions with Alanna to any male who is struggling with confidence and identity on the dance floor. She was able to peel back so many layers of why and how the fear processes engage and hinder our ability to become great dancers and men, on and off the dance floor.

Daniel Walker
“Beautiful, Magical Alanna.
If you are lucky enough to meet her, you know you are with a truly mystical woman. I am grateful to have experienced a hypnotherapy session with Alanna. I found it both soothing and energizing for my Soul. Her words flowed and she spoke to parts of me that listened in a dreamy state. The session was so comforting during a time of massive transformation in my life. Alanna’s words are a magic potion. I am very grateful for Alanna and all her sacred gifts she brings into this world.
With Love & Blessings,
“After losing multiple pregnancies due Hyperemesis Gravidarum I was interested in hypnotherapy. When I first started attending sessions I was recovering from a car accident and had a lot of back pain and my pregnancy plans were put on hold. During my sessions I learned to clear my mind and to check in with my body. I would focus my energy whenever I was having a rough day and breathe in my Soothing words and I would start to feel my pain dissipate. During my time with Alanna I went from taking pain pills every 6 hours on the dot to no longer needing any. Soon after I became pregnant and although I was still suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum I was able to gather all the strength my body had to push through every single day. Connecting with my body on a spiritual level has finally given me something I never thought I would have, my child.
Hypnotherapy has given me the tools to change my life.”
Ashely Jaramillo

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