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“In The Beginning There Was The Word” Tongue Talk.


Do you know what it means? “I CREATE WHAT I SPEAK.”

exclamation: abracadabra
  1. 1.
    a word said by magicians when performing a magic trick.


noun: abracadabra
  1. 1.
    language, typically in the form of gibberish, used to give the impression of arcane knowledge or power.
Use your Word to give yourself positive power in the world. When we speak life, love, and words that uplift we raise the vibration of the Planet.

The Word is a reflection of our wisdom. Yes actions do speak, however; the Word is everything. We are here to master the right use of the Word. As we become master of our form, we can transform and shape this reality how we want. The Word is love and the tongue is the instrument of love. 

The Tongue has much power. 
The tongue is a powerful tool. Sometimes you can feel it- the intensity of the tongue. How it speaks how it maneuvers. How it EMPHASIZES.
The tongue has power beyond measure.
When your tongue is fully in control and in power- meaning curbing cravings, stopping to think before we speak, saying what we need to when we know we should…. All of this- and allowing us to ponder the consequences of our actions.

The tongue can kiss and heal and salivate when it needs.

It has senses, beyond this world.  It has the power to give pleasure and experience pleasure.

The tongue allows us to ask for what we want and reject what we do not.

It creates form.
The tongue can be used as an advantage. It can be used to say things that will us out of trouble and into trouble.

It can take us all around the world when we can speak to relate, captivate, and charm.

Many fail to see the benefit of the proper use of the tongue…it is such a blessing to have  knowledge of the power of the tongue. The gift of tongues is the gift to not only understand or speak in different languages, it is also the grandest tool to help you to relate to other cultures. It is true emotional intelligence when one knows how to use it.  The gift of tongues is what allows new language to be born- a common understanding. The secret of language is a mystery not yet unfolded all the way. It is rolled up like a carpet.. a magic carpet in which could take you to great heights.

I meditate often on the gift of tongues.. where does it come from? The ability to use the Word with the voice that comes from the tongue. Or- is it the tongue that gives tone to the voice that allows us to speak?  It’s what rolls off the tongue and what spirit understands. The tongue spoken without ego is the connection between Source and the Higher Self that is pure and innocent…. unaffected by the damage of the 3rd dimensional reality.  Controlling the tongue can save you or get you killed.  We show people mercy by holding the tongue. We can show another compassion with the right use of tongue. 

Speak the with the tongue of truth… When we do this we give others permission to speak their truth. Use the power of the Word to uplift- do your best to not use the Word to slander or hurt others. When we misuse the word the Universe takes away our manifesting abilities and we create our own prison. Be truthful yet know there is a balance when speaking. We don’t grow by repression, we grow by freedom. Don’t be afraid to fail by speaking your truth. 

Silence is also where we gather power… Silence is the Word too. Go within.

“Strength teaches one to openly embrace the illusions created by fear with love. – Lee J. M.