Universe A & Universe B- A Universal Message to ALL:

One of the most powerful and important decisions to make in life is whether or not we want to live in a peaceful Universe or a chaotic Universe. We can see the difference in both Universes and the people who live their lives within each dimension. For this post We will call these connected dimensions “Universe A” & “Universe B.” Both Universes are continuously creating what has been manifested from the ALL is mind- the minds of the people- there is always a cause and effect that energetically as well as physically takes place and has been since the beginning of time. We are now entering a time when we are being called to understand our Divine Self. A Revelation is at hand. There are many ways to tell what direction your energy is taking you.

  Universe A is simply swimming down stream and is liberated, optimistic, trusting, compassionate, merciful, rejoices in truth and self expression, exciting, expansive, sensual, sexual, explorative, forgiving, enjoys healthy pleasure, fruits of life, nature, Spirit, and is always curious, innocent, allowing, flowing, lovingly protective, adaptable, free, full of life, love, and laughter. Universe A connects, respects, appreciates, and Knows the Divinity that vibrates from all livings things on the Earth and beyond. People in Universe A see life but a school of endless learning experiences and think: “how wonderful is it- to wake up everyday feeling blessed to have another day on Earth- knowing they are deliberate creators of their reality.” These people see their struggles and karma as a tool to grow and advance their soul while seeing eye to eye with those around them. They do not become a victim to life circumstances because they are not resistant to change. They are the change. When they need to get to the next level they take ACTION steps to do so. They have stopped placing the blame and have taken responsibility for the condition they are in regardless whose at fault. They see people who hurt other people as unhealed and with empathy. When hardships come up they ask “what is this situations trying to show me? They don’t damn the road that got them there but bless the path ahead of them. These people are transmuting the human emotions and seeing past the illusion of separation beyond time and space. Often times these are the people who will stand up for those who cannot do so for themselves.

  Universe B is a constant struggle swimming up stream and is limited, pessimistic, restrictive, hard, forceful, jealous, overly competitive, cynical, resistant, angry, fixed, pressured, perverted, depressive, sabotaged, and life-threatening. This is the Universe that lacks compassion, mercy, justice, respect for the Heavens and Nature, Elemental, & Spirit. The people who reside in this Universe either long to be in Universe A and are stuck in a cycle of feeding into fears (often unknowingly and or misguided/lost) or are bound there because they have lost connection to Source and have a limited life-script. This Universe has a low energy level and it’s often difficult to see beyond pain and suffering, therefore it feels impossible to see the silver-lining. Often the pain and suffering derives from not taking responsibility for individual circumstances and Collective past traumas and ancestral grudges that have lasted for centuries. Some people are what feels like being “held against their will” by those who are much more advance in evil tendencies. This is possible- which gives more reason to take your power back and understand the Laws of the Universe. Are you aware of your subconscious mind? When you begin to master the Laws Of The Universe you can see through synchronicity the truth of our existence.   

  Evil as we experience on Earth, involves any frequency of vibration that does not radiate harmony and balance of Divine Love. The key is to not deny your Divinity because it is your Birth right. Now is the time.

  Universe B is not so-to-say completely bad, however; Universe A is certainly more desired than B. This is not to compare to positive/negative, feminine/masculine or light/darkness which are present in both Universes. The Law Of Polarity and Duality certainly explains how this is so- this is the balancing of ALL energy emitted in the world collectively throughout all dimensions. This is merely a marker for personality, character, and reverence for Divine Interactions. If you’re concerned with this Planets direction with Higher understandings you can see why it’s imperative that we begin moving in the direction of Universe A. This is all done by free-will. Making a choice to take account of your life is one of the best ways to enter Heaven on Earth (Universe A.)

  Universe A is promotes goodness and reverence for life, abundance, joy, and the advancing of our soul. You can reside in between Universes until you make the decision to live permanently in one or the other. You can visit both Dimensions or choose to believe they’re one in the same but eventually time will reveal where you are. We must do the work to clean our roots to become better and more advance in Consciousness. Ascension is the evolution of Consciousness- Don’t get left behind in the advancement of consciousness because you didn’t know the difference. Do your research.

  I can assure you that according to the acceptance of our “Solar Self” on this physical plane, our time for living in Heaven on Earth has arrived.

  Water is a powerful element and a perfect example- it will always find its way … you can too by going with the current of water flowing down stream… Not fighting yourself, but freeing and healing yourself. This is your life- you are the King/Queen and Light of your Universe that is Eternally connected to Source.

  We have to be a reflection of what we want to see… I believe when we do this- the Universe reflects back to us what we project out- thus directing what stream on flow of Energy we will go in. When are all working on advancing ourselves (oursouls) and Collectively contributing to the evolution of our Consciousness we take a stand for our Heavenly Parents who are waiting patiently for you to remember Who you are, Beautiful Light Being in an Intelligent Body. What Universe do you want to live in? Can you take account of the energy you are emitting and recognize what you attract in your world?

  If you want to get into Universe A simply begin believing you can get there. Here is a Mantra that I use frequently to re-align myself…

  “I am Divinely guided and always at the right place at the right time.”

And another from an advanced book called “Your Time Is At Hand” by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles-

“I AM the immaculate Concept of my true God reality, NOW made manifest and sustained by Holy Grace.”

And so it is.

Ascension Pioneer and Collective Consciousnes Advocate-

Alanna Starr

Midwife of the New Paradigm

The Enlightenista

HaShem Harmonia Starrlannah