I believe we are in the times of rising Sisterhood and the reuniting of Tribes. This is only but a short brief of the experiences and words I would like to relay to you in regards to this massive shift occurring. Although I have an abundant supply of synchronicity stories to share that link magically to this grand “Diosa” project, I’ll express in short my reasons behind “Harmonia Magdalene.” The journey of finding the Goddess archetypes within me has been enchanted to say the least. Long before I met Carmen or reached out to join her cause- I had begun a search of discovering my soul mission, understanding my ancestral roots, healing/releasing traumas, and undergoing a truly inspiring spiritual alchemical transformation. I chose a fusion of two powerful archetypes- Goddess Harmonia and Ascended Master Mary Magdalene, along with the flower essences and element of Earth. Mary Magdalene has been a theme in my life as I am associated with other women who work with her energy. The rose frequency that she significantly portrays as her trademark has left an imprint on me as I believe in plant consciousness. Understanding the Mother aspect of God was something I started to grasp years ago when Mother Nature began speaking directly to me and revealing magnificent teachings. This project has helped me become closer to Our Diosa Mother, as well as show me in what ways I had given my power away or had it taken thorough my many many life times. The distortions and programs created by anti-human negative agendas have lead many of us naturally powerful womb-men astray in ways that we can actually say disconnected us from our wombs collectively and individually and we have suffered. It’s not easy to understand the complexities and disruptions unless one really does their work, (The Great Work.) “The Great Work (Magnum Opus), of alchemy is to speed up this natural process of perfection and resurrect the spiritual essence of man that has become trapped in matter.”  It is the spiritual and physical process of self initiation into the secret mysteries and self-mastery. We are in the process of reaching our re-turn to re-membrance as prophecy has foretold. The rise of the Divine Feminine has pressed on passing through all nations and is impacting women all across the Earth and is being felt in all dimensions. The Goddess Harmonia (as Magdalene) has come to be my chosen Goddess, for harmony is what I live to create. Harmony- though sounds, music, heart centered speaking, connecting, realigning to our divinity in all ways possible. Through this process I came to fully and truly realize the power of my name “Alanna Starr Hiton Shimel,” and what it meant until the shoot. I have looked up my name before but after being indecisive about choosing only one Goddess to depict. I needed synchronicity to help me pick, so I started an extremely long list of all the goddesses names that I could spell out with my name. I had decided 2 months before I found Carmen to use my second last name belonging to my birth mother- “Hiton.” The H is very powerful in the Hebrew alphabet and I wanted to acknowledge this name as I know it had a reason for being mine. Having those extra letters H and O, I was able to spell out “Harmonia.” At first I had decided on Goddess Flora – the Goddess of Flowers, spring time, and innocence, which I think is very me. I found the honoring of the pure innocence within me in which I love and embrace more now then the idea of always feeling like I had to be sexy in order to be wanted. My name also means ” harmony, awakening, fair, noble, rock, and dear child.” I felt a strong tie and connection to the Priestess Arts, the Gospel of Peace sacred texts, which corresponds with peace and harmony. We are definitely magic and I know that there is a strong energy that works to keep us disconnected. The more that we heal ourselves through acceptance, forgiveness, surrendering, allowing, loving, and listening to our divinity, the more we can magically create better circumstances. I also chose this archetype because I study ancient prophecy and have found so much about is going on throughout the Cosmos… We all play such an important role in this shift and Ascension. Whether or not you are on board for this ascension it is happening. The more we embrace our divinity to more we help Gaia transition and the whole Universe align. It only takes 144,000 souls to reach their Christ Conscious. Are you a Christed One? 12,000 from each of the 12 Zodiacs signs… This is a whole other subject but I do want to plant the seed- though the seed was planted eons ago, you just have to remember. 😉  It is my passion and mission to assist my brothers and sisters in their awakening- not to push or insist… but the time is now. You are what you’ve been waiting for.  Peace be with you. <3