Our homes carry energy just as we do. Everything in our home contributes to the overall feeling of where we call home. Sometimes we bring items home that have attachments on them. If you bring items home from garage sales, estate sales, and even things that are made new carry energy that could benefit cleansing. Home cleansing is not absolutely necessary, however; it is wise to do so to clear the atmosphere of any space. In my practice of using beautiful prayer and various blessings with herbs, I clear the air and bring a more peaceful environment to live in. 

In the process of cleansing our homes and offices, we literally clear the air and allow any unsettled energy move along. It releases what is stuck, and opens the energy field up to purify and restore balance. The way I cleanse is by doing something called “smudging.” In case this term is new to you- Smudging is the use of burning herbs or incense, such as; sage, Palo Santo, or Opalescence. These sacred plants and herbs carry great healing power and have ancient stores behind them. After I clear, I bless the space with water, sound healing bowls, prayer, light language.

In some cases, connecting to the land the property is on is done to establish and stronger, more grounded connection.