Authentic and Divine Public Relations
There are so many routes to take when it comes to PR and Branding. I firmly believe that the more authentic we are, the better everything flows together. There is no rush, no competition, no need to over-sell. When there is a authenticity and a natural feeling, there are less misunderstandings and pressure. We have to remember that power of honestly and divine connecting with each other. We have to remember we the people come first. Our attitude and belief systems effect everything. When I do PR there is an aspect of truth, trust, and transparency involved. I understand the Laws of The Universe and the power of the mind. As a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, I am able to assist in unique ways when it comes to taking you and your brand to the next level.
Working with me I can provide the following services:
*Event Coordination
*Access to contacts and resources
*Product placement
*Sponsorship outreach
*Brand Ambassador 
*Product promotion
*Business Assistance
*Restaurant PR 
*Event Invites
*Hypnotherapy For Stress, confidence, Creative Boosts, Etc.
*Media Connections